Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Luckyest Star for me.

What a sweet little darling boy, he's just so amazing.
He Coo's and Gurgles and Talks Talks Talks.
Stuffy little nose doesn't even bother my little booger bear.
Love's his uncles, and grand parents too (all of 'em)
And smiles for me every morning when we wake up together.
I'm counting my lucky stars, and one's been handed down
right to me. Just for me... And everyone else too, I guess!p

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grand Parents Day

Oh Boy did we have fun on Grandparents Day!
First Grandma Shoshana was very nice and dropped us off at Grandma Lana and Sarah's for our first big visit since Averi was born. I think Lanas in love, and how could you not be with such a cutie! Sarah seemed to enjoy meeting us too, and was very happy to see that her new Grandson had a good mama who enjoyed him. And who could blame me, I was blessed with such a sweet little one.
Then after our visit, we took a trip to Grandpa Sean's house (which worked out perfectly, the bus goddess is kind!) where we got to listen to Grandpa play guitar and sing some good music to Averi. This kid loves to rock too. Mama's teaching him what a beat it and how each one rocks in it's own way. Funny enough, he seems to enjoy punk rock & rock 'n' roll the most...
Hmm... Maybe it has something to do with all those concerts he went to inutero?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Big Beautiful Watery Eyes

One day before gracing our earth,
For the sixth week,
My little guy cried real,
Salty tears
For the first time.
Sweet little tears,
From my sweet little boy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Swinging Wonder

This little boy of mine
Swings in slumber

He swings towards the future
Towards the heavens
Towards me.
Always swinging
With arms raised
Sweet little face
Dreaming of whats to come

Maybe in black and white?
Or maybe Technicolor...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Blog...

For 25 years I've been writing, eon's have I meant to blog, and still it took forever to even be able to check my e-mail daily, let alone keep the same e-address. I've started over 6 myspace pages (half under assumed names) only to let myself forget about them after short periods of time.
My attention span is nil...
It's taken me three days to open this account, post a few pics and make this pretty. It's been left here, open on my desk top under ten other tabs, three open windows a movie or sitcom sharing a screen. Language always on my mind, out my mouth, but hardly ever through my fingertips, feeling slightly anti-social for holding back communication that I lust for as I read around others words. Playing out scenarios in my head of who I'd meet if I'd only try. Continuously.
And for 25 days with my new baby I stare at the screen, and I think - I can do this. I can keep this line open - I can make the attempt and produce something fantastic when I actually take the steps towards that line I've only thought of before. (even if it takes a while)
I learned that from experience. Thanks Averi, you inspire me