Monday, November 10, 2008

Grand Parents Day

Oh Boy did we have fun on Grandparents Day!
First Grandma Shoshana was very nice and dropped us off at Grandma Lana and Sarah's for our first big visit since Averi was born. I think Lanas in love, and how could you not be with such a cutie! Sarah seemed to enjoy meeting us too, and was very happy to see that her new Grandson had a good mama who enjoyed him. And who could blame me, I was blessed with such a sweet little one.
Then after our visit, we took a trip to Grandpa Sean's house (which worked out perfectly, the bus goddess is kind!) where we got to listen to Grandpa play guitar and sing some good music to Averi. This kid loves to rock too. Mama's teaching him what a beat it and how each one rocks in it's own way. Funny enough, he seems to enjoy punk rock & rock 'n' roll the most...
Hmm... Maybe it has something to do with all those concerts he went to inutero?

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